Warrior Within

Warrior Within

Inside you and I is some old spirit, some energy which inhabits those who refuse the song of mediocre, complacent culture. You can feel it when you finish a workout, when you hit a PR or stand on the podium, and when you see your purpose unraveling by hard fucking work.

This spirit, this energy, is the Warrior Within.

For some it manifests as a savage, relentless effort in the gym, iron banging and sweat pouring onto the floor. Hands and legs shaking, hair a mess, and a big fucking smile that says “I’m ready for another round.”

Others feel the spirit on rugged, lonely adventures into discomfort. Long and climbing dirt trails, an isolated row machine, or a late-night lift after a hard workday. A grinding, pleading sensation from within that says, “Never Fucking Quit.”

Some men and women feel it when there is a Flag on their shoulders and freedom behind their strong backs.

But it’s the same spirit, energy, Warrior Within.

The Warrior Within is your complete attentiveness to physical, mental, and emotional growth, a continual uphill march that pours down fatigue and pain, that knows no end.

Such is a worthwhile life. It’s a fucking grind, a crucible until the end.

Do you feel that fire in your stomach when shit gets hard, but you know you have what it takes to get through? Do you feel the butterflies when you’re standing on the edge of massive challenge? Do visions of greatness occupy your daydreams? That shit isn’t just sensation and excitement. That’s the fucking Warrior Within you telling you to keep going, step off the edge, Never Fucking Quit.  

Savage, unrelenting, uncaring, uncompromising grit and endurance.

Not only for today.

Not only for this moment.

But for every fucking moment to come, no matter the distance or time or effort.

That’s my creed.

That’s the Warrior Within.

It is boundless in its ferocity and limitless in its patience.

It’s the fire of I FUCKING CAN when your efforts feel frozen. The Warrior Within is your map and compass, guiding you further into the fray. And for good reason: your body is strong, your mind eager, and your future is worth fighting hard for.

It’s the voice whispering JUMP as you stare over the edge of challenge. The Warrior Within is a wise friend, always instilling confidence where there is fear, doubt. Take the step: let fear and doubt plummet with you into the chaos of uncertainty; they’re unlikely to survive the fall. But you’ll make it out, stronger and harder than he or she who first jumped.The Warrior Within is the aspirational piece of you, that piece eager for achievement, victory, greatness. It holds the key to every door you wish to unlock, and that key is “Never Fucking Quit.”

Elated or beat down.

Triumphant or broken.

Running toward the enemy or holding off its advance.

Your voice says, “Never Fucking Quit.”

And that’s the key.

And that’s your Warrior Within grinding his or her fucking weapons.

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