They reach down deep and nurture your ambitions. They’re a tangling map that only you understand, that only you can navigate. They keep you planted in the soil of your beginnings, strong through wind and rain.

Your roots are your earliest purposes, those aspirations and intentions that are born of your values, beliefs—your upbringing and experiences.

We’ve all got roots.

Warriors of this Creed, men and women who embody Never Fucking Quit, are well-equipped for change—growth—because their roots are deep and strong, growing in intentional soil, soil that was decidedly nourished by exciting goals and watered often by storms of challenge.

You, a warrior of body, mind, and spirit, have strong roots.

You are well-equipped for change and growth.

Change is shifting ambitions, updated goals, and new trajectories. Growth is becoming the person that is excited and intrigued by those shifting ambitions, pursues new goals as fervently as the old, and sees the value in exploring a new trajectory.

Change is good, growth is necessary.

That’s something people fail to accept in their lives, even men and women who respect ambition, sacrifice, and merit. You and I need the reminder: change is good, growth is necessary.

People get stuck in ruts—physically and mentally—because they expect that change is some outside force, some moment of realization, that drives them in a new, positive direction. They want the push, crave the impulsive moment that won’t come. People who wait for change rarely find it. They rarely shift their ambitions, update their goals, and pursue new trajectories.

And that’s no good, because change is good.

But change must come from the inside, from the growth individuals experience by curiosity, accountability, and self-improvement. Growth is asking questions, looking yourself in the mirror anew each day, and always wondering where you’re heading and how you’re getting there. It’s the humble acknowledgment that you don’t know everything, that there are men and women wiser, more experienced, and more talented than you. It’s knowing deeply that there is much opportunity waiting right outside the world you’ve already explored.

Mastery is excellent, focus is rewarded. It is the focused pursuit of mastery that cultivates growth. Don’t deviate for the sake of forcing change, don’t be afraid to follow each road to its end. Growth is the on-going personal development you experience when mastery is craved, focus is employed, and the road is followed to its end.

That’s where you and I grow.

And that path is where we learn how to change, how to shift our ambitions, update our goals, and steer into new trajectories. It’s the runner who eyes farther distances, the black belt who dives into a new martial art, the artist who learns a new craft.

Only through massive personal development—decisive, intentional discomfort and challenge—does the warrior spirit deepen and intensify. 

I call that growth.

And when we are strong and mindful, when we embody Never Fucking Quit, we feel change surge from inside us. We can confidently shift our ambitions, update our goals, and steer into those new trajectories.

And that shit matters.

For yourself, for others, for this land.

Grow, change, Never Fucking Quit.

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  • Jace

    Hi there. Love the brand. Just curious if the black training shorts or the black/black shorts will ever be restocked? Was really hoping to order some of those. Thanks!

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