What does 100% mean?

I believe it is obsession dancing with action, a happy, vicious stare while your hands work, mold, and build. 

I believe 100% is the true unlocking of infinity, that realm where HOW STRONG and HOW FAST and HOW FAR don’t really have answers, just people looking to prove the futility of the question.

I believe going 100%, giving 100%, or committing 100% is a moment of realization, not a moment of decision.

It is the realization that despite every avenue the world has offered you toward an easy life, an untested life, you choose hardship because you don’t truly know what lives on the other side of hardship.

And that’s fucking scary.

And that’s fucking exciting.

The other side of hardship might reveal more to come, but you’ll never be the same person who first stepped into it.

And that’s what 100% is: uncertainty about everything but growth.

Uncertainty for the time or distance or pain, but sure of the advantages given to those who brave the unknown, the tangible strength and the intangible patience, awareness, and integrity of effort. You’re not always meant to know what’s ahead.

The path is muddy with blood.

But 100% does not pause for shed blood. 

 Let your path be a credible witness to your character, to the unrelenting burn in your heart for more, better.

Let it witness your drive, your ruthless lack of attention to anything that might hamper your progress.

Let the mud tire for trying to grab onto such sure feet.

No feet are more sure than the man or woman who commits 100%. 

100% permits no retreat.

The way back is dangerous; to undo the earned strength, patience, awareness, and integrity of effort would mean death. 

And we must not die.

Because we are going, giving, committing 100%.

I am.

Are you?

 Let obsession dance with action, enter the realm of infinity, and experience that moment of realization. 

Travel the unsure, bloody path.
Do not retreat.

The possessions of he or she who chooses this creed are few, but glorious.

They’re dirty medals hanging from the neck, forgotten for the climb toward the next.

They’re calluses and blisters and bags under the eyes, nightmares of less than perfect commitment keeping us awake.

They’re bars and bells and bags, mats and gloves, iron. They’re memories of victory and lessons of defeat. They’re the souls of every skeptic standing on the sidelines.

My possessions don’t announce my mortality, they don’t fail my vocation.
My possessions are tokens of my creed.

And this is my creed: I will Never Fucking Quit.

I am obsessed with this bloody path I chose, and my actions are sure. I am unlimited in my abilities because I am unlimited in effort. I realize that an easy life,
an untested life, holds no merit next to hardship, and that hardship is an uncertain crucible.

No matter.

I must know what lives past hardship.

I go, give, commit 100% to my aims.

I am sure, I am certain, I will never retreat.

I will Never Fucking Quit. 


  • Audrick

    Always moving forward!

  • Sam Havelock

    Everything one ever wants is on the other side of fear. Fear of the unknown usually, which this post gets at. Thanks for this great post.

  • Eddie

    All the Way!

  • Dominic

    I will never retreat.

  • Michelle

    I LOVE this so much. Every word!

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