The Search for those of A Different Breed

NFQ represents a mentality of discipline, commitment, and the refusal to quit regardless of circumstance. Every athlete and ambassador we have possesses this mentality, and we’re opening up applications for those who have it too.

What Do We Look for?

There are a few key factors we look for when going through ambassador applications and social media platforms.

We're looking for individuals who are dedicated to:

- Helping build and grow a community

- Personal growth 

- Posting and sharing social content that leads, educates, and inspires

- Engaging with NFQ, our current athletes and ambassadors, as well as those within their own community.

What Does The Ambassador Program Consist Of?

The NFQ ambassador program is a close group of driven individuals who strive to better themselves every single day. You must have a "never give up" mentality no matter what you are faced with in life. Through NFQ content and event-based opportunities, you will get to know the athletes and other ambassadors throughout the program. 

All NFQ Ambassadors Receive:

- An exclusive personal discount code that can be used to receive 25% off any purchase from the website.

- Additional care packages curated by the Ambassador Manager and sent out to our top performing ambassadors to highlight new collections and brand specific campaigns.

- Access to a growing network of those in the relentless pursuit of physical, mental, and emotional development.

- The possibility for paid trips to the NFQ HQ to meet the team and be part of brand campaigns.

- Access to the NFQ Marketing Team for insights and specific advice on how to improve your social media presence.


Are there monthly dues/fees/minimum purchase requirements?

There are no dues or minimum purchase amounts required to become a NFQ Ambassador.

Do you need to have a large social media platform?

No you don’t. It helps, but it is not a requirement. We are looking for people who possess the NFQ mentality over all else.

My social media is private. Does that affect my application?

Yes, it does. While you don't have to have a large following to be accepted, social media is a significant platform for the development of all our brand initiatives. If we can't see your page and who you are, we can't consider you as an NFQ Ambassador.