NFQ was developed with one purpose in mind - to provoke a mentality that serves as the foundation of one’s own progress and achievement. In a world of never-ending complexity, NFQ looked to simplify the blueprint for one’s success in the form of a three-word statement that can be said or thought by any person, in any situation, and in any facet of life.

Every product serves as a reminder of those three words and what can be achieved by keeping them in mind during any and all endeavors. Through the creation of effective quality products, purpose-driven content, and value-focused company initiatives, NFQ exists to be a trusted resource for all those in the pursuit of physical, mental, and emotional development.

Together, we each look to become the best version of ourselves so that in turn, we can contribute towards the betterment of the world we all share. Together, we serve as a reason for meaning for each other and for generations to come. Together, we are A Different Breed®.