Suicide Prevention Month

With Suicide Prevention Month coming to an end, we want to encourage our NFQ community to pause and remember the brave sacrifices our Military members make every single day. Whether it’s deploying for months at a time, missing the birth of their child, being injured or paying the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The uniform they don every day is a heavy weight, and each person is forever changed by the challenges they face during service. It’s our duty to them to remove the stigma around getting help for depression and anxiety, it’s our duty to be the friend they need to lean on. 
Suicide Prevention Month is not just for those who served and are struggling. It is to remind us to help those around us we care about, no matter their background, experiences, or lifestyle. Suicide, no matter the circumstances, is never the answer. NFQ stands on the mindset of never giving up and never quitting, and we have never meant it more than when speaking to those who are in a dark place in their lives. Everyone struggles, and everyone needs help sometimes. It’s those who can take those struggles and turn it into motivation. Whether it’s motivation to keep pushing through and work harder, or motivation to ask for help. 
Reach out to those around you, and pick up those who have fallen. Everyone has their own battles and struggles, and you may not even know it. Reaching out to let someone know you are there for them and care can save a life. 

Treat every month like it’s suicide prevention month.
Help is available.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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