Celebrating 3 Years Cancer-Free with Ensley Cable

Anyone who follows NFQ knows Matt and Ensley Cable. Whether it’s from a kick-ass workout video or through one of her many inspirations posts documenting her journey, the Cables have made an imprint on the NFQ page. 

    Ensley Cable, NPC Bikini Competitor and wife of FGL Competitor Matt Cable, has shared her life story, which became an inspiration to many.

    “I battled Breast Cancer from 2018-2019. After my diagnosis, in the past two years I have pushed myself through some of the toughest situations to get to where I’m at. Through the tears, sweat, and sometimes blood, I didn’t quit. I’m a fighter and I’ll be fighting till my days end.”

    Her story is emotionally grabbing and inspiring all at once, and we are so grateful to have such a driven woman as a part of our team. She shows people that no matter what circumstances you are thrown into, you can always give your all and grind to your maximum effort. 

    Team NFQ wants to say congratulations to Ensley Cable for today being her 3 year anniversary of beating Breast Cancer, and to both her and her husband Matt on baby Cable coming soon!

Follow along Ensley’s story on her Instagram: @ensleycable

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